808 State Frequently Asked Questions
"As long as you can keep people guessing, you're winning."
Darren Partington, NME 27 July 1996

Last updated: 13-Oct-2011

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Is it OK to download 808 State tracks through file sharing?

808 State statement November 2000:

When a track is copied without payment, the record label is without payment. Therefore the band is without payment, this in turn means no revenue to record! Resulting in the demise of the music industry as we know it, which is already in a pretty poor state.

We know that pirating music has always been around and we can't stop it! But promoting it is detrimental to an already suffering industry. In the U.K. you can have a Number 1 hit with 30,000 record sales. When 808 State started you needed at least 200,000 just to get into the top 10. In a few years time you will probably be able to have a Number 1 with 1,000 record sales!

We don't necessarily agree with the integrity of the music industry as it exists but surely to make music as a career some income has to be generated. We do agree however if the record is deleted, but for a brand new release it should have at least one year's grace in the shops.

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Where did 808 State get their name from?

808 State got their name from the Roland TR 808 Drum Machine and the state-of-mind that they shared. The annex "State" was frequently used in titles of Massey's previous group Biting Tongues (Evening State , The Lock Up State, The Wave State). It's true that the group was originally intended to be State 808 and was settled by a number of printing errors. The US state of Hawaii often uses the nickname "The 808 State" after its dialing code "808" but it is not confirmed weather this was ever used before 1988, and therefore derivative of the Manchester band.

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Who is the 'man with the fan' in the Optical 90 video?

Eric Barker is Andrew's brother and was 808 States merchandiser for a short time. Having spent some summers in Ibiza during the mid 80s Eric was a mover and shaker in the early rave scene in Manchester. You will spot him in other MCR band videos of the time, Wrote For Luck by Happy Mondays being one.

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I am looking for the lyrics to....

At this time we don't have any lyrics available. In the meantime, the Japanese albums normally have a lyrics sheet, though the lyrics are not always correct.

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Where can I buy 808 State records?

Try the online shops on the links page.

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Is there any merchandise available by 808 State?

Currently no merchandise is available. For t-shirts, please check this page.

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Did 808 State ever record a 'Peel Sessions' EP?

A Peel Sessions EP was planned but did not get released as such. The material saw the light of day as the 'Quadrastate' album. At around the same time a Peel Sessions EP of A Guy Called Gerald was issued. Check it out.

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When were the members of 808 State born?

Andrew Barker: 9 March 1968
Darren Partington: 1 November 1969
Graham Massey: 4 August 1960

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Does the statetostate fanclub still exist and can I still order the CD?

The fanclub doesn't exist anymore. The limited edition CD is now long deleted and there are no plans to repress it. Consequently it is very hard to find. Look out for a possible digital release in the future.

StatetoState Vol 2 was released as part of the opti buk DVD package.

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What are the lyrics in 'Lopez' about?

The lyrics were written by Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers. He claims it's about Golf!?

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Do 808 have tour plans?

Possibly. If you are trying to get 808 to your town, speak to local promoters! If you are a promoter, see the contact page.

All live dates are communicated through the live section.

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Are 808 State still signed to ZTT Records?

Yes, via Salvo.

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Does a 'Best Of 808 State' album exist?

Yes, ZTT and 808 State released one in May 1998 containing their ZTT years singles, to celebrate ten years of 808 State. Another one was released in 2011, titled 'Blueprint' featuring new tracks and many reworkings.

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What happened to former members Gerald Simpson and Martin Price?

After leaving 808 State, Gerald went solo as 'A Guy Called Gerald' as whom he is still very active.

Martin left 808 State after the Ex:el album. He formed his own project called 'Switzerland' and briefly managed the UK rap group 'Kaliphz'. It is unknown if he is still active.

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What is MC Tunes up to these days?

He formed his own band 'Dust Junkys' who released several singles and an album entitled 'Done and Dusted' since 1997. The band frequently play live and have supported Black Grape and 808 State. His latest project is called 'The Ugly''.

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