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by Surrealist
24 Sep 2008 14:03
Forum: Sisters of Transistors
Topic: Sisters Of Transistors
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right, wtmf are the lyrics for The Don?

here's my best guess :

test tube people calling people on,
fortune colour horse breath on and on,
grease that made the sixties all and fall,
records made in pet shops for your mum,
people come on x2
by Surrealist
15 May 2008 07:33
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: 808 State versus Glasgow Rangers
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808 State versus Glasgow Rangers

Darren - "It's been ten years we need another MASSEEV CHOON" Graham - "I'm unsure as to the efficacy of your proposal" Darren - "Coom on. I'll do the bongos. Bjork can do the vocals. Bjork?" Bjork - "A large glowing octopus!" Darren - "BANGIN. Andy what's the track gonna be called mate?" Andy - "Oly...
by Surrealist
25 Sep 2002 20:13
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I just tried that AON forum and the link didn't work - any ideas ?