808 State set to reunite?

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Post by markus »

No problem. Actually it's interesting to see how a hype can be created, all those articles on the net, and loads of people on Twitter etc.

I guess it's nice to have a bit of publicity, I was just worried that people might be disappointed when they find out it isn't quite true.

Let us know when your correction is up.
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Re: Another Interview with the actual info from Gerald.

Post by nickking »

Good stuff - the interview seems to cut off mid-sentence, though? :)

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Post by markus »

Thanks! Nice to hear Gerald's surprise when he is quizzed about the reformation ;) It's at around 05:25. Total length of interview is 07:55.
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Post by N.JOHNSON »

I too was extremely excited when i read the initial post. It would be an absolute dream come true.
Imagine, some sort of anniversary reunion, a one off new album of completely new material and probably a few live shows and then that's it. . . no more. A fitting end to a such influencial group. If only Martin and Gerald could put aside any differences to make it happen. Come on Graham, work your magic. The fans all want it ha ha.
Now. . what shall i use my other two wishes for? . . . . .

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Re: 808 State set to reunite?

Post by Stequoyeah »

Are you too old to see the past. Who cares how long. Me in my flat Marseille working with the french food bank. So many ups n downs i cant say. Hot summers at least for sure.
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Re: 808 State set to reunite?

Post by Mark808 »

Haha, nearly weed myself with excitement for a minute there....
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Re: 808 State set to reunite?

Post by SPW »

New 808 State sounds too much like Graham Massey, no offense to Graham who is a live musician into Jazz. Some of his remixes really make the listener scratch their head. Not really dance floor or listener friendly material. I suppose it was that way after Don Solaris but I would put Martin Price the front man with more sampling if he’s still alive. What ever happened to Martin Price? Gerald is irrelevant unless you like the old acid house material which is more like a XOX box jam session. Gerald is also a bit of a solo artist. Darrin Padington (wrong spelling) his MCing was a bit obnoxious but funny at times. I know he’s had his problems but no one is perfect. It would be interesting to see the direction of 808 State under Martin Price.
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