Gareth Whitehead - The Brood Remixed (featuring remix by 808 State) - out 3 July 2017

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Gareth Whitehead - The Brood Remixed (featuring remix by 808 State) - out 3 July 2017

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On 3rd Jul 2017, Gareth Whitehead releases a remix album "The Brood Remixed" on Bulletdodge Records. This will be a Digital/CD release and features the 808 State remix of Gareth Whitehead's track, "About Time".


The Brood Remixed
Gareth Whitehead
03 July 2017
Bulletdodge Records


Remixers: 808 State, Alex Smoke, Chemical Play, Christian Schwarz, Colin Dale, Detroit's Filthiest aka DJ Nasty, Joey Beltram, Juan Atkins, Main Ingredient, Nickelle, Old, Phil Hartnoll & Rob Gritton, Plaid, Silicon Scally & Radioactive Man, Suna Path and Swayzak.

This summer sees Bulletdodge main man Gareth Whitehead follow up 2015’s ‘The Brood’ with an album of remixes to compliment his collaborative project. Featuring a veritable who’s who of house and techno: from pioneers who helped shape the sound of early Detroit, Chicago, New York and UK scenes in the late 80s and early 90s to new pan global producers who represent dance culture’s ever growing reach, we find an album brimming with talent and new interpretations.

The Brood Remixed continues ‘The Brood’s concept, with each track paying homage to the origins of house and techno but still reflecting the contemporary sounds of the scene.

“This album and its collection of remixers is just as important to the Brood’s overall theme as the original album was. Similarly, to compliment both albums there has been a selection of EP remix packages. I believe each collaborator and remixer has either significantly shaped the house and techno sound and its culture, or assisted with the development of the Bulletdodge imprint.”

Gareth Whitehead – The Brood Remixed

1: Andy Slate, Whitehead - Sustain (Suna Path Remix)
2: Mash, Whitehead - In Mind (Swayzak Remix)
3: Adamski, Werner Niedermeier, Whitehead – Spinning (Old Remix)
4: Eddie Fowlkes, Whitehead - Upsurge (Juan Atkins Remix)
5: Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, Whitehead - How Can I (Main Ingredient Remix)
6: X-Press 2, Whitehead - Why (Nickelle Remix)
7: Detroit Grand Pubahs, Whitehead, Raymond, Lindsay & Kendal - The Villain (Plaid Remix)
8: Inxec, Whitehead - What I Say (Silicon Scally & Radioactive Man Remix)
9: Mia Wallace, Sqyre, Whitehead - Need It (Colin Dale Remix)
10: Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Whitehead - E2X (Detroit's Filthiest Remix)
11: Michael Greig, Whitehead - About Time (808 State Remix)
12: Ben Long, Whitehead - Glitz (Alex Smoke Remix)
13: Carl Cox, Steve Ward, Whitehead - Give Me Something (Joey Beltram Remix)
14: P-Ben, Whitehead - Lift (Christian Schwarz Remix)
15: Tom Taylor, Whitehead - The Beginning (Chemical Play Remix)
16: Darren Emerson, My Evil Twiin, Whitehead, Paris the Black FU - What It Is (Phil Hartnoll & Rob Gritton Remix)

There's also an interview with Graham on SoundCloud (fast forward to approximately the 1 hour mark if you want to listen to the interview only, but the mix is also very good).
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Re: Gareth Whitehead - The Brood Remixed (featuring remix by 808 State) - out 3 July 2017

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It appears Rubadub and Monorail don't sell them online, only in their physical shops in Glasgow. For online try House Of Vinyl.
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Re: Gareth Whitehead - The Brood Remixed (featuring remix by 808 State) - out 3 July 2017

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I'm actually looking for decent dance music for laptop DJ sets, there's a lot of poor taste EDM and dance music out there. 808 State did a decent job, so did Juan Atkins.
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