The Extended Pleasure Of Dance artwork

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The Extended Pleasure Of Dance artwork

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A nice write-up on Sheffield artist Phil Wolstenholme who designed The Extended Pleasure Of Dance sleeve:

Collective Rendering: The Early ’90s CGI Album Designs of Phil Wolstenholme (full article)

"Who gave you your first sleeve design job?

I knew someone in Manchester who knew a guy from 808 State, so I just said, “Can you just tell him what I do?” They rang me up and said, “Why don’t you come over and show us what you’ve got?” All I had was the cover of a private press LP called The Sheffield Jazz Album, which was one of the first images I’d ever done on a computer, and lots of sample images I’d done just learning to use the Amiga.

808 State said, “Yeah, great! We’re doing this single called ‘Pacific State,’ do you want to do the cover for that?” So they gave me a quick brief and I knocked up an image for them, and then on the Monday they rang me back and said, “Bollocks, the record company’s already done one, you can do the next one.” Three months later they asked me to do the The Extended Pleasure Of Dance EP which had a row of gold 808 medallions across it. They absolutely loved it, and I ended up doing some slide projections for them at the G-MEX Centre in Manchester."
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