Young'ns Into 808 State

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Young'ns Into 808 State

Post by SPW »

808 State - EX:EL (Album Review)
The Wonky Angle
Published on Jan 6, 2018

Good to see young people discovering 808 State.

edit - I didn't hear his other 808 State album reviews but spot on I'd say in evaluating the tracks. Pretty much how people in the very early 90s saw the album, although more alternative/rave than Pop. It had some crossover appeal with Industrial (In Yer Face).
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Re: Young'ns Into 808 State

Post by Huckabee »

Awesome review video. His review is more or less spot on, at least with how I feel about the album. I wish more young people were like that dude.
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Re: Young'ns Into 808 State

Post by graham »

thanks for the heads up..I think he s pretty on it with most of this . He s put a lot of listening into it !
I like that he thinks Outpost T is like "an evil stir fry restaurant that wants to kill you" :D
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