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808 visits to the discussion board

Post by Ancodia »

I was just checking out a few of the new posts, when I noticed more replies were being made as I was reading... ...by Graham. At least five replies in a twenty minute period.

I would just like to show my own appreciation to Graham for dropping by every so often, to say hi or answer some queries.

Too many discussion boards seem to be all nerds and techies, for the want of a better description, and never a visit from those who matter or to who the board relates.

John :P
808state's Tartan Army
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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

I agree, it's good that the band, and Graham in particular are interested in our opinions and general queries regarding all things 808 and to take the time to reply.
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Post by Mark »

Well said guys. I'm sure not many bands official sites get so much regular input from the bands themselves, let alone any bonus MP3 material.

Top man, Graham.
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Post by markus »

Funnily enough just yesterday I was wondering why Graham hadn't posted anything in about six weeks. He must have read my mind. Can't say Andy & Darren give much input, but I think I prefer it this way over having to plough through - say - Moby's journal every day...
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Post by MarkDemon »

Makes me think back to when Feedback Communications used to run the State to State Club. I sent a few e-mails and I'm pretty sure I got replies from Andy back then.

Then again this was sometime between 1993 and 1996 back when I was at uni so I could be totally wrong...
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Post by SteveC »

Rodders has gone AWOL as well
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Post by David »

yeah i got a personal reply from Andy way back in 1996 asking about tours etc from the old site

I think one member of 808 is enough really-Graham can be their spokesmen.

I reckon this site benefits them as much as it does benefit us-re:graham finding out about the Maine Road gig.
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