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Bought Muzik mag the other day and they've given some props to our lads in another 'Top 50' feature. The article's entitled '50 Festival Moments' and 808 are at number 34:

808STATE, Glastonbury 1992

"Sunday night, the weather's good. Brain-blistered by endless chemicals and an awesome firework display, the crowd goes abso-f***ing-lutely mental to 'Cubik'."

As far as the other 'entries' go this was a pretty good write up because it was specific to 808's music - most of the others refer to events or Happy Mondays escapades etc etc.

Did anyone see 808 at Glastonbury in '92? I can almost picture it now :smile:

Also a full page ad for Coloursfest - good to see the old-skool 808 logo splashed across a glossy again!

Last thing - anyone seen the ads for 'Somerley '02'? Arena 3 features DJ sets from The Happy Mondays (Bez, Paul Ryder, Rowetta, Wags) Stone Roses (Mani) and Inspiral Carpets (Clint Boon)! All they need is Andy and Daz for a true Manc reunion....

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