DR010 Alex Brjus - Of My Soul EP *OUT NOW*

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DR010 Alex Brjus - Of My Soul EP *OUT NOW*

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DR010 Alex Brjus - Of My Soul EP [Digitized Recordings]

Digitized Recordings continue their habit of showcasing new trance talent with a debut EP on the label for producer Alex Brjus.

Three diverse-sounding tracks to accomodate a range of taste and excellently demonstrate what Alex has to offer.

Up first is Constellation Fog, a dark, progressive affair that takes it's time to build up slowly and drops into a haunting breakdown that ultimately delivers a powerful punch.

Nivea is a more upbeat and melodic number with a massive lead that's sure to destroy dancefloors, complimented by a dynamic bassline to match!

Rounding things off is Summer Breeze, an uplifting and anthemic track just made for the summer clubs, combining glorious synths and epic arps, this neatly rounds off an EP that delivers at every turn.

The EP has had support from the following:

Aaron Covarrubias, Ally Brown, Andy Mac, Cliffy Burrows, Dave Deen, DJ Jusha, El Jay, G Balasa, Ian Betts, Laura May, Lazarus, Lee Haslam, Magdelayna, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Winstanley, Mat Lock, Mitchell Claxton, Neil Bamford, Ozzy XPM, Paul Pearson, Robert Vadney, Setrise, Simon Bostock, Space Garden, Toma & Vicky Wood

Release date:

Exclusive to Audiojelly now on the below link:


Worldwide 21st September 2010

You tube sample links:

Constealltion Fog




Summer Breeze


(Track descriptions by Lazarus)
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