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Elite producer/remixer CHRIS VRENNA (a/k/a/ TWEAKER) and Sonic Foundry have
teamed up to offer fans a shot at doing their own remixes of Vrenna's
TWEAKER single "Microsize Boy". The contest can be found at

Vrenna will be allowing fans access to not just the vocal, but all of the
tracks he used to make the original version. "I wanted to make sure that
everyone has an equal shot for their remix to sound cool", Vrenna says, "
and by giving up all of my sounds to sample, there's a lot of interesting
choices they might not otherwise have."

VRENNA's debut TWEAKER album "The Attraction To All Things Uncertain" has
achieved critical success this year and VRENNA is known for his own remixes
for a wide variety of artists including U2, Rob Zombie, Xzibit, P.O.D., and
Weezer among many others. In additional to a successful producing career
which includes albums for COLD, AI, JACK OFF JILL, RASPUTINA and UNDERWATER.

VRENNA is best known as one of the original members of NINE INCH NAILS, a
band he was drummer/programmer in for 8 years. Vrenna's distinctive style
is featured on NIN albums including Downward Spiral, Broken, Pretty Hate
Machine and Fixed. His most ambitious work with NINE INCH NAILS was as
co-writer/artist on the Grammy nominated "Perfect Drug" for the Lost Highway

The "Microsize Boy" remix contest will be made available May 13th at Sonic
Foundry's site and run for six weeks. The winners of the
remix-a-thon will win a number of prizes, including items signed by Vrenna
and Sonic Foundry software packages.

Vrenna will personally judge each remix and pick the winners. "I plan on
drinking a lot of coffee.I can't imagine what it will be like to listen to
hundreds of different versions of one of my songs.I am not into picking a
winner, since I think people should just do it for the fun, not for
competition, but I think it will be cool to see what other people's creative
take turns out to be".

Sonic Foundry has sponsored remix contests in the past for Beck, Depeche
Mode, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, New Order and Static X.

For more info, please check out
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