something about the shows & tracklistings

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something about the shows & tracklistings

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Hi everybody,

funny thing happened last sunday. I started listening to the radio shows, and got the idea again to hunt down a track I've been trying to identify for over 15 years now.

However, I got to the second downloaded radio show (September 4th 1990 Pt. 1), and skipped through it until at 23:00 min the search was over.

One may laugh at me, but I spent most of time back then in the record shops, and I can't remember I ever saw it.

Actually I missed Daz' announcement while skipping on the show, so I checked it in the quite accurate tracklisting: Awesome 3 - Hard Up.

Thank all you guys out there for bringing it together and refreshing these unforgettable memories.

Same night, I bought the promo vinyl on ebay. I love the internet.



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