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Dear 808 State Show Fans,

[u]This site is amazing[/u] I never thought I d be able to listen to any of the shows again. A Loud and respectful shout has to go out to the people of Manchester and beyond for looking after those tapes. Unfortunately all my 808 tapes were stolen from my Austin Metro in about 94 Bloody fumin I was but thanks to modern (techno)ligy I can enjoy lots of shows even ones I missed QUALITY :D

Listening to 808 on a Tuesday night was just the coolest thing you could have done in your teens all the heads loved it. I remember sitting in a snot green ford cortina which was filled with smoke gassin about everything and anything.
It really was an introduction to the mad world of Techno, Acid and House to me and my muckers. Big respect goes out to Neil Tom Julian Matt Si Wilki Sally Kay Laura Sue From Heaton Chapel Stockport.
Remember Hamiltons and going see Prodigy at the Academy in 94.
And a big big shout out to Neil Whos house we d chill in the amount of drugs we tanned in that room was unreal all good clean harmless fun while all the beerheads were out smashing bus shelters.
So heres to movin on but also keepin the memories REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM !!
Cheers Nice one 808
Tom Hughes

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