The Soundgarden 1990 (Spinmasters in the area)

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a new reformed man wrote:Does anyone know how to record this straight onto CD? I have Pro Tools LE that comes with a digidesign programme for burning and recording but can't see or rather don't know how to put these mixes onto cd.

I also have Real Player (free version) but see no 'record' option.

Any help or tips on a programme to get so i can do this is appreciated
Sounds like you need TotalRecorder... just have it recording in the background when you're playing the mix and it'll record it as a .wav file.
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stephen wrote: 06 Nov 2002 03:05
PHILTERFORM wrote:i didnt see any racism in the clubs up north,it was just about the dance in 88/89
The article was about the post Summer of Love era around 1990-1991, it was basically saying how drugs helped ignite the
scene it destroyed the scene because people were into heavier drugs, you had problem's with gangs, drug lords stuff like that.
It went on about this one dealer people were too afraid to say his name who used to frequent the Hacienda, when he lost his
temper he would wreck the place and nobody would do anything, he was eventually shot by one of his cronies.
Twenty per cent accurate as usual, Morty.
Wildly inaccurate journalism (as is the norm).
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