808 State DJs Dublin December 13,2002

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808 State DJs Dublin December 13,2002

Post by David »

The Temple Bar Music Centre is an excellent venue with great acoustics and it was treated to a fine set by the 808 DJs.

I arrived at the same time as Darren and Andy-Markus and Andy managed to get me in on the guestlist for which I never got the chance to thank Andy in person-so Thanks Andy!

The resident DJ (Adam F ?) kicked of proceedings and played a long 2 hour set for which eventually even Darren was asking him would he be finished soon.
Darren even mingled in the crowd beforehand clutching a pint and his jacket protectively in case it was nicked. Shyness prevented me from introducing myself.
Eventually the resident DJ allowed the masters to take over and Darren straight away blasted into a no-nonsense set filled with many breakbeats.
He worked the crowd up then Andy took over and played a more techno based set which included a faster harder version of FSOL's Papua New Guinea, The Golden Girls' Kinetic and Felix's Dont u want me.
Excellent stuff sir.

You can see the perfect blend that the three members of 808 make.
Darren is into harder music with breakbeats and wopping bass.
Andy is into more techno based with its Detroit and Old Skool 4/4 influences and then obviously Graham brings a touch of jazz,ambient and world beats. It works perfectly.

The venue was about ¾ full which was a healthy crowd considering the town in general was very quiet as most people keep their money for next weekend-the mad weekend and week before Xmas.

Darren took over again and proceeded to play a full version of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean much to Andy's annoyance-who threatened to pull the record off.
The boys seemed to be enjoying themselves.
The crowd were enjoying it too and even some rather scantilly-clad female who looked 40 at best, jumped on stage and egged the crowd on-before being escorted back by security.

As with all 808 DJs sets you spend most of the night intently listening to see if any 808 stuff is played. True to form I was disappointed as always.
Roundbum Mary would have fit perfectly into Darren's set.

The publicity and flyers surrounding this event mentioned Outpost Transmission and suggested that a few 808 tunes would be played. This was not the case.
Another girl jumped up beside Darren and obviously asked for Pacific for which Darren kinda grimaced. I know The Spinmasters were not directly involved in that track but it should be played. It is a timeless piece of beautiful music that 808 can take to their graves in pride.
808 should flaunt their tunes so the crowd are left in no doubt as to who they are.And how great they are.

It was frustrating for me telling people (and even strangers in those queues waiting to pee type conversations) that Outpost Transmission is a class album-hoping it gets the recognition it deserves-frustrating-when the artists themselves do not promote it.

No snippets, no Darren even telling people on the mic that a new album was out.
Why miss such an opportunity to promote it ?

I would say about 20 % of the crowd last night knew about the new album.

Another strange thing happened is that after about 2 hours of Andy and Daz, the resident DJ, who has some ego has to be said, took over the decks thus preventing the 808 grand finale. I then left to try and grab a much hard to get taxi.

Supposedly free copies of Outpost Transmission were given out but I didn't see any.

Ah well a good night but it would be much better if 808 State played some 808 State tunes-even just spin them on vinyl .
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Post by markus »

Thanks for the detailed report! I'm rather surprised they didn't drop an 808 tune. I'm trying to think, but I'm having trouble remembering a DJ set or radio show where they *didn't* play an 808 tune or an 808 remix. Why in Aberdeen I think they managed to play Qubik Calderone mix twice in one set I seem to recall...
I'm not surprised the free album thing didn't happen - promoters will try anything. Having said that I'm glad it wasn't advertised as a 808 State live gig, which is what usually happens - especially in Ireland.
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