Wot the EarLy 1990s WeRe ReaLLy LiKE

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Wot the EarLy 1990s WeRe ReaLLy LiKE

Post by DJDMISE »

Well, I've had a blast on this discussion message board for 808 State, but since
my techno archive is almost at 700mb, it's time for me to depart. :(

But, before I go, I'd like to demonstrate to some of you what the early 1990s
were like (at least in the USA) by using a video that clearly demonstrates
what it was like here. I was a teenager then, they had thrown me out of the
institution at the age of 17 and I was making my way in the world...

Earlier (while still at the institution), I had enjoyed a bit of the techno which
I call "Industrial Techno" (early-mid 1980s). Ya know, the Depeche Mode mixes,
the MCP, the CCCP, the Front 242, the Nitzer Ebb, the New Order, the Big
Pig, the Book of Love, the Camofag, the Xymox, the Ministry, the White Lines,
the White Pony, and (of course) my favorite industrial tune of them all
"What Gets Your Body High (XTC)" by Kyper.

Well flash forward a few years, and (after the Stone Roses still hadn't released
a new album), I thought I'd try out techno.

Man was that a mistake. But anyway, I still love techno (even early 1990s techno).

Peace Out 808 State!

BTW, if you want to REALLY know what it was like living in the USA in 1992, and
how much things had changed in a few years, this video will explain EVERYTHING:
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Re: Wot the EarLy 1990s WeRe ReaLLy LiKE

Post by SPW »

I don't even remember Kyper. It's kind of like a bad MC Hammer knock off.
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