Cheap Studio Monitor Set Up

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Cheap Studio Monitor Set Up

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I found a cheap studio monitor solution for a small room.

Alesis Elevate 3's = on sale at Guitar Center US for $50/ 32 pounds
Logitech z506 sub bass computer speaker on sale at Best Buy = $70/ 45 pounds



I used to have Yamaha HS-50s and Alesis Monitor Ones. How does the Alesis Elevate 3s measure up to the standard studio monitors?

The Pros:

- It doesn't sound that bad once you hook up a small sub speaker. The small Elevate 3s lack bass and are kind of mid rangy with treble.

- your less apt to get complaints by fellow tenants if you rent a cheap room. Normal monitors seemed to be too loud for a small room. I only have them set at low to mid volume and can hear the bass parts thanks to the sub.

- They are small powered monitors and not USB. All you need is a 1/8 to stereo RCA. Use the headphone out of your laptop.

- Great for watching movies on your laptop and working on tracks using music software.

The Cons

- It is a cheaper sound and cheesy set up compared to the more expensive monitors.
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