Win a trip to Oz!

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Win a trip to Oz!

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Sorry, just realised this has been lurking in my inbox for a while:

BLTC has been informing the Australian party scene for a few years now about
large, one off, annual or infrequent events. Over that time it has
developed a special relationship with it's audience and promoters. One of
those promoters is Greenant who put's on Rainbow Serpent and we thought the
competition they are running maybe of interest to your website and it's


To the dance sites across the globe,

Green Ant in conjunction with 12am are proud to present the 'Rainbow Serpent
Global Competition'. The first prize is a return air fare from the winners
closest capital city (anywhere in the world) to Melbourne, Australia to join
in the Rainbow Serpent Festival. The competition shall run from the
beginning of November to the 13th of December 2002.

Now in its 6th year, Rainbow Serpent has achieved worldwide recognition,
providing Australia with an outdoor music and lifestyle festival, in the
true spirit of international trance gatherings. In this land of Australia,
rich with ancient traditions and secret knowledge, people gather in a modern
day ritual of dance to honour the Rainbow Serpent - the legendary aboriginal
creature, creator and protector of all living things during the mysterious

In a world of uncertainty Green Ant is endeavoring to put little bit of
magic into our lives.

We invite you to become a part of this unique and wonderful festival by
entering our competition and winning the prize of a lifetime!!

Check out <> for full details

ABOUT BLTC (the people that sent you this email)
This is the first time we have felt we have something strong enough with to
go out to the wider global audience with. Do not interpret this as the
beginning of another endless stream of emails or spam. It¹s a human here and
that is not our style.

We treat BLTC as a community of humans sharing information not a list of
addresses. Should you have news of something that would be of interest to
other recipients, send it in for consideration.

Our apologies if we have sent this to the wrong address for your website. If
you have another address you would prefer us to send items of interest to,
then please advise us along with a brief description of what items are of
interest to you. We will do our best to not waste your time with irrelevant
emails, we know what it's like to get them too.

BLTC lists annual/one off/monthly events and general announcements by your
State and Country. Or you can request the National EZine, which lists events
throughout Australia or a Global EZine which lists events from around the
world. So if you have an announcement related to
Electronic/Techno/Trance/Rave - you know the sort of stuff I mean - send it

The BLTC Industry EZine likewise has the same state/country/global
distribution. They contains only industry news - new venues, new acts, new
events, tour dates, spot/gig opps etc. .


Robin Macpherson
PO Box 49
Elwood VIC, 3184

Plan raises money from donations and child sponsorships, and applies it to
projects to benefit children, their families and communities in developing
countries. Plan works with local communities to identify and implement
projects that will benefit the whole community ­ things like building
schools, sinking new wells, launching a health clinic, conducting
vaccination programs and so on.

The best way to help a poor community is to sponsor a child through Plan.
Go to

BLTC is a project of THE HOUSE. Also supported by THE HOUSE is i Project,
Vision 2003, The Radio, The Gate, Club Beta

BLTC cirulates to over 8,000 people in Australia and 60,000 people around
the world who enjoy electronic/techno music and the culture that surrounds
it. We try to make it country specific, so as to only send to you when we
think you¹d be interested.
To subscribe to the BLTC EZine send the email address with the word
subscribe in both the subject and the message along with the city and
country you are interested in.
To unsubscribe to the BLTC EZine send the email address with the word
unsubscribe in both the subject and the message.

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