Sunny Peebles

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Sunny Peebles

Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

Who needs to go abroad when you can come to sunny Peebles. Hottest place in Scotland yesterday (25c/77f) and today (26c/79f) 8)
Pity I've been stuck at work for the past two afternoons and again tomorrow :(
Never mind, I'm off to M/cr on Friday for my cousins wedding, and a right good piss-up :D

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Post by Mark »

Haha! It was 'gorgeous' here yesterday in lovely Middlesbrough, and I am off work for a week so we went to Whitby, a little fishing town on the coast, marvellous weather, sunglasses were out, 808 on the stereo, even had an ice-cream.

Let's hope it keeps up for the weekend, so everyone (most people anyway) can enjoy 4 days of cracking sun.

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