The Real Deal!

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The Real Deal!

Post by Ancodia »

As the Bay City Rollers might phrase it...
Bye Bye Beckham,
Beckham Goodbye,
Bye Bye Beckham,
Beckham Don't Cry,

of course I might say something like...

Thank goodness we've gotten rid,
of that useless donkey,
And I hope that Fergie,
put that boot where the sun don't shine!

Not exactly poetry I know but I believe it portrays my feelings.
John :P

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Post by Mark »

Indeed John. He's given good service, but the time was right to cash in, I can't see him improving Real's team anyway. But it means probably 2 or 3 decent players coming to United this summer hopefully. A stronger squad may make the difference when it comes to the champions league.

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