The State of 808

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The State of 808

Post by David »

Seems to me we have members here from all corners of the world-all united under our love of the State of 808!

From Hawaii to Germany,Belfast to Niagra
Detroit to Texas.

People from all different cultures united under our joy and appreciation of the wonderful 808 State.

I think if possible it would be nice to have a map of the world on the site with pins representing the different members in different locations ?
The United States of 808!

Maybe the cover of 'Gorgeous' would suffice ?

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808 Worldwide

Post by Ancodia »

I think I may have a graphic to suit that very purpose, I'll have a dig 'round for it, and discuss it with markus when he returns.

808 love all over the world!


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Post by Dr.Walsh »

I second that emotion. :)

spread love all over the world. :)

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