The Heat

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The Heat

Post by Franco »

How you are all coping with the current "heatwave"?

Here we have a temperature of around 40 centigrade!


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Post by Ancodia »

Thank F Belfast is nowhere near that figure, my fridge is quickly beginning to run out of cool refreshing'oh. Time to go to the offies!


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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

32c/90f in sunny Peebles. Hottest place in Scotland on Saturday. Not much cooler indoors! Glad I wasn't in Gravesend on Sunday, or Heathrow or anywhere else in the South-East of England! Much fresher now, thank goodness. 8)
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Post by Mark »

Its roasting here in Middlesbrough, having trouble sleeping, its so sticky.
Eating plenty of ice cream and drinking heavily

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Post by nickking »

Apparently, it's going to get hotter in the South East later on today (can't get to sleep at the moment, it's about 25 degrees out there at 2:30am)! 8)

Roll on fresher weather - this is alright to go on holiday to, but day-to-day life? :-?


Nick :P

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