The Arms fair in London-I wanna puke

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The Arms fair in London-I wanna puke

Post by David »

Arms need a justification-that is why unnecessary wars happen and poor people who cannot defend get killed.
This is really depressing me.
Blair and Straw do not even hide their evilness.

As a Liverpool FC fan the first time I saw this blatant evil was over the Hillsborough disaster whitewash. ... 19,00.html

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Post by Dr.Walsh »

hi david,

yeah - it is a dodgy industry but there are more and more people aware of these things. because of the internet and increasing public awareness things that used to be able to be hidden behind closed doors for ages are now in the open and the public consciousness. there was a large demonstration outside the arms fair which was shown on major television stations over here. there was even a phone-in discussion/poll/text-in on channel 5 as to whether the british public felt it was acceptable that britain should make a large living out of selling arms to the world. some years ago, the arms fair would have gone on behind closed doors and that kind of public knowledge or debate would not have been happening

also, some of the people flogging them are doing a job that they have been told to do as are the people making them. they would get the sack if they didn't do what they were told and they are putting food on the table, etc. i'm sure many of them don't enjoy what they do as a lot of people don't generally enjoy their jobs or are doing something against what they believe to pay the rent.

admittedly, i'm sure there are some who aren't at a level of caring at the moment.

i have been to quite a few discussions, meetings, conferences, etc where this subject has come up, especially whether a world without war is economically viable. this is the subject of much debate with some top economists on whether it is going to be possible. my suggestion is that it could be. when you consider the amount of money spent on arms that money could be put into re-training programs for arms workers or salesmen to train them in an industry that would look after, respect and care for people and/or the environment at far less cost.

i feel positive we are going to get to a stage where countries are constantly de-commissioning weapons and concentrating their money, resources and efforts on more positive things to make the world a safer place...

i'll leave you with a comment i heard recently - 'when peace is more profitable than war, the utopia is possible...'

wise words...

'dr.' walsh :)

ps also, i don't believe in the word evil, but we won't go into that one right at the moment! :)

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