Biting Tongues

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Biting Tongues

Post by Souflex »

I've been trying to order 'After the Click' through Opal or Sisterray but cannot find it on their website.

I would order through LTM but I have Mastercard and do not want to send money direct to them.

can anyone help?

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Post by nickking »

No worries - it's here


Nick ;)

Post by Souflex »

Thanks Nick :D
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Post by SteveC »

Nick, it amazes and amuses me that you always come up with the goods, nice one :wink:

Could we perhaps have our very own "Ask Nick" discussion board. :)

My question would be, Dear Nick, could you tell me......what is the meaning of life ? :D
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Agent Nick

Post by Ancodia »

The problem with 'Agent Nick' coming up with the goods as you put it, usually means me ending up out of pocket. All because he's uncovered something else I didn't have. Thanks Nick :x
John :P
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