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ZTT Remastered Singles

Post by graham »

Every Friday for the next few months there will be an upload of an 808 State single from the ZTT archives -Many of which have never been on the digital platforms before , These have been re mastered at Abbey Road .

First off it’s Cubik/Olympic.

Cubik Was Recorded in Feb 1990 at Square One Studios in Bury and first appeared on The Extended Pleasure Od Dance EP almost as a B side -A Riffing Rave Monster of a track made by using a Casio MIDI Guitar - It first gained some traction in The USA
when Tommy Boy added it to the U.S.version of our album 90 ,”UTD State 90”.
Tommy Boy Released Cubik as a single first in July 1990 aimed at specific New York Clubs - The UK followed in October 1990 due to the amount of U.S. Imports that were flooding back to Europe.
ZTT double A sided it with “Olympic” , a track made to assist Manchester’s Olympic bid launch ( to be 10 Years in the future at that point in the year 2000) - Olympic was later adopted by Channel Four’s “The Word “ TV show with a special mix being commissioned as its theme tune .

Cubik Olympic came in two editions The White one and the Black One (both designed by Johnson & Panas )
The black one had a mix by Tom Richardson & Eric Kupper called Tomix - Tom was our defacto A&R guy at Tommy Boy -We went over to New York in the summer of 1990 to play at the New Music Seminar - - When Tom took us out clubbing it was a baptism of fire ! -this guy knew how NY ticked !
We sadly only knew Tom for a short time as he passed away with AIDS the following year -But I always think of Tom when it comes to kicking Cubik in the back of the net .

Cubik -Original Mix

Cubik Pan Am Mix

Olympic -Flutey Mix

Olympic -Euro Bass Mix

Cubik - Tomix

Olympic - August 90

Lambrusco Cowboy

Olympic -Euro Bass Gate Mix
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Re: ZTT Remastered Singles

Post by markus »

Cubik/Olympic ZTT's official announcement:

Arriving for the first time on digital platforms today, Zang Tuum Tumb begins to mark the 30th anniversary of ex:el, the groundbreaking electronic album by 808 State, with Cübik/Olympic (and more to come…).

Originally released on 01 October 1990, all the remixes are included from this classic AA-side single. From the 12" A-side: the Original Mix and the Pan Am Mix of Cübik. And from the 12" AAside: the Flutey Mix and the Euro Bass Mix of Olympic.

We then present the remix 12" (ZANG 5TX) in its entirety, headed up by Tom Richardson & Eric Kupper's mesmerising 9-minute Cübik Tomix. It's the first time Tomix has been available on digital platforms, likewise the Pan Am Mix, Flutey Mix and the previously vinyl-only Record Store Day special Olympic (Euro Bass Gate Mix).

01: Cübik/Original Mix (00:03:33)
02: Cübik/Pan Am Mix (00:04:56)
03: Olympic/Flutey Mix (00:04:09)
04: Olympic/Euro Bass Mix (00:05:45)
05: Cübik/Tomix (00:09:29)
06: Olympic/August 90 (00:04:54)
07: Lambrusco Cowboy (00:03:57)
08: Olympic/Euro Bass Gate Mix (00:03:58)

Cübik/Olympic has been remastered in 2021 by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road studios, overseen by Graham Massey. And is brought to you by the Dream Department (compilation: Ian Peel, artwork remaster: Philip Marshall) at ZTT Records, the Organisation of Pop. With thanks to Nick King, Markus Arnold, The Fat Shadow, and the Pointy Head.

Cübik/Olympic is the definition of Zang Tumb Tuumb, number 5. "Welcome to the Thunderdome." Coming next: the pan-American excursion…

Stream / download.
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Re: ZTT Remastered Singles

Post by markus »

In Yer Face

ZTT's announcement:

As Record Mirror said ahead of its original release on 28 January 1991, "In Yer Face reaffirms 808 State's ability to tread exactly where they like when they like, and their status as innovators." And for the 30th anniversary of 808's ex:el album the single finally goes live on digital today.

For the first time on digital platforms, hear the original Raagman rap version of Leo Leo, and the 3:28 In Yer Face 7" Edit, previously available on the Four States Of 808 box set for Record Store Day 2019. They’re backed up with the In Yer Face Mix (which, for those with an eye for the finer details, sits somewhere between the Mancunian Delight mix and the album version), the Poonchanting Instrumental of Leo Leo and, from the original remix 12" (ZANG 14TX), the Facially Yours Remix. Take it away:

01: In Yer Face/Edit (00:03:18)
02: Leo Leo/ft. Raagman (00:04:01)
03: In Yer Face/In Yer Face Mix (00:04:58)
04: In Yer Face/Facially Yours Remix (00:04:18)
05: Leo Leo/Poonchanting Instrumental (00:04:04)

In Yer Face has been remastered in 2021 by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road studios, overseen by Graham Massey. Compilation: Ian Peel, artwork remaster: Philip Marshall at the Dream Department @ ZTT Records, the Organisation of Pop. Thanks to Raagman and Michael "Spectacular" Haas.

This is the facial definition of Zang Tumb Tuumb, number 7.

Stream / Download.

Graham's notes:

This Friday’s Remastered 808/ZTT single is “ In Yer Face “

Looking back on the week of April 23rd 1990 ,808 State were ensconced at Square One Studios in Bury -working on Tunes Splits The Atom ,we were also completing a second mix of Olympic now with the heavy riff that became the theme tune to “The Word”. We were so pleased with this riff that we wrote a spin off track based on it to be used as a B side for the Tommy Boy release of Cubik (July 90) entitled “EuroTrack(In Yer Face Mix)” on the U.S.white label ,It became “In Yer Face (In Yer Face Mix/Mancunian Delight )” on the promo 12 inch- Confused ? you will be!
Let’s hear it again for B side culture! Because that freedom always gave bold results .Cubik also started as a B Side and bounced back as an in demand import from across the Atlantic.
In Yer Face was working well in our live set during the summer of 1990 and was tested out on the dance floor by The Spin Masters on Saturday nights at Manchester’s legendary Thunderdome club .
IYF would become the first single when Ex El album was released in February 1991 . The Video footage in the Promo for IYF was shot at The Ku Club in Ibiza at an event called ” Re Live The Dream” in September 1990 - You see even in 1990 there was an acid revival from the mid 80s !

The flip side ,Leo Leo was recorded at Revolution Studios in Manchester later that year when we were rounding off the Ex El album .
I remember we performed it on a local TV Christmas special sat on Bob Greaves bed with all the synths , A random choice of track ,probably because it was still warm out of the oven .
I believe the rap by Raagman was put on a bit later as an bonus for the single release .
Raagman was part of our crew from the early days ,you would have seen him as one of MC Tune’s dancers. If you go back to some of the early 808 State gigs from the late 80s ,Raagman ,Tunes and other rappers are voicing all over the acid music in a kind of experimental hybrid .

As was the norm back then ,we released a second edition of the 12 inch to bump the single up the charts - A new mix of “In Yer Face “ called “Facially Yours “ with the more melodic ending . And we included the original Leo Leo inexplicably relabelled “The Poonchanting Instrumental “ New language for a new music .

In Yer Face has been reborn in recent years with the Bicep remix ,which is way more functional in todays big room arenas -Our original is a War & Peace concept album crushed into 3 minutes that accidentally became a top 10 pop record.You must have been all off your heads!

The cover art is again by Johnson & Panas who designed so many great sleeves for Factory Records. It’s an homage to the glorious TDK SA90 - In fact it works best as the cassette single art work ! which happened to be the standard way of getting sound into your rave wagon back then ,you were posh if you had a CD player in your car at this point!
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Re: ZTT Remastered Singles

Post by markus »



Step into the “seductive dream state” of Lift, a double A-side delight from 808 State’s ground-breaking ex:el album, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Lift/Open Your Mind was originally released on 05 August 1991 and finally arrives on all digital platforms today.

The Open Mix of Open Your Mind and the 7” Mix of Lift make their digital debut, as does the Fon Mix of Open Your Mind – the first time this track has been available since it appeared on a 12” promo (SAM 839, mistakenly tagged as the Open Mix).

It’s the track – complete with 10-second subsonic intro – that marked the start of 808’s Fon Studios era. "There are not many studios up north worth bothering with," Graham Massey told International Musician in August 1991 when Lift was released (which, the magazine pointed out, was "a total rework of the album track"). "We had heard about it from people like Martin Moscrop out of A Certain Ratio, who had been working here and raving about it..."

01: Lift/7" Mix (00:03:16)
02: Open Your Mind/Sound Garden Mix (00:04:28)
03: Lift/Heavy Mix (00:04:42)
04: Open Your Mind/Open Mix (00:04:53)
05: Open Your Mind/Fon Mix (00:04:04)

Another 808:ex:el:30 release from the Dream Department at ZTT Records, the Organisation of Pop. Compiled by Ian Peel with artwork remastered by Philip Marshall. Audio remastered in 2021 at Abbey Road studios by Geoff Pesche overseen by Graham Massey. Thanks to Nick King, Markus Arnold, and *Record Mirror.

This is the most uplifting definition of Zang Tumb Tuum, number eight. Coming next: the first in an ongoing series curating 808 State’s Tommy Boy Remixes.

Stream / download.


The third of our remastered 808 State /ZTT singles this month is Lift .
Lift was also the third single from our Ex EL album in August 1991 . A risky choice ,we perhaps knew it was leaning a little bit far out ,both as a pop record or as a club record.
It was n.t really in keeping with the recent harder vibe we had been peddling .Its title was a nod to muzak ,the kind of music designed to be played in lifts and waiting areas.
It has “easy listening” tones and almost references Percy Faith’s “Theme from a Summer Place “melodically speaking ,but set against a techno soul bounce.
Have you ever been on the M60 on a summers night looking for a party with you're head out of the sun roof with Love Unlimited Orchestra’s “Loves Theme” on the cassette player? you might start to understand this moment of madness if you had.
The album version of Lift contrasts this sweetness with some dark twists and turns ,feedback gui-tars ,Cello drops / fairground Moog breakouts . But in order to address the daytime radio we slicked it up and made it a neat little 7 inch, which has been digitised here for the first time.
For the 12 inch ”Heavy” Mix we adopted a more macho approach,adding break beats and testing a brand new synth out called the Roland JD 800 with its elastic and glassy textures.
I remember we had gone over to Ireland to play a rave in a cowshed in Cork.
On arrival back in MCR with a plastic carrier bag of cash we went straight to A1 Music on Oxford
Rd to buy this beast ! It took a day to read the thick paper manuals ,then we recorded the Heavy Mix back at Revolution Studios the following day.

For the B side we travelled over the Pennines to Sheffield’s FON studio . We had heard good things coming out of there such as LFO by LFO ,a new label called WARP had an office in the same building . FON had a big control room where you could lay out synths ,where as other studios were more geared to performance space with small control rooms at the time .
We would be clocking up the miles in our transit van travelling the “Snake Pass” to and from Shef-field for the next couple of years .A lot of great electronic music was brewed in that City at the time .Techno City UK.
Open Your Mind was a deliberate B side and again employs the JD 800 synth heavily.
We did 3 variations and in this remaster we have digitised the missing FON mix for the first time.
During our first sessions at FON we also did a remix of Owner Of A Lonely Heart for YES . Our record company boss Trevor Horn was keen for us to have a go , He had produced the original recording in 1983. We were probably feeling a bit full of ourselves at this point and only kept the snare drum from the original mix. There was a madness in the air that summer and Open Your Mind was to be the last thing we recorded as a four piece .The single came out in August 91 ac-companied by a video of us larking about at the newly completed “Siemens Building” in Manches-ter wearing PPE and masks like there was some kind of future pandemic going on .Some viral spirals were concocted on a machine called a Video Fairlight ,some have KLF written on them , thats another story !
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Re: ZTT Remastered Singles

Post by markus »

Cübik – The Tommy Boy Mixes


New York DJ/producers Tommy Musto and Frankie Bones deliver the Kings County Perspective and Kings County Dub mixes of Cübik (always remember the umlaut) which came hot on the heels of their two Pacific remixes released the previous year in 1989. (The Dream Department is dusting those tracks down right now for release later this summer.)

Originally released in October 1990 in the USA only via ZTT and the legendary Tommy Boy label, this set also includes 808’s own Pan American Excursion of Cübik, as well as what was the first ever airing of In Yer Face. Then subtitled Mancunian Delight, it eventually became known as (slightly curtailed) In Yer Face Mix when released in the UK three months later in January 1991 and, a couple of months after that, as the (even more slightly curtailed) album version found on the ex:el album. So here you have:

01: Cübik/Pan American Excursion (00:04:56)
02: Cübik/Kings County Perspective (00:06:00)
03: In Yer Face/In Yer Face Mix (00:04:54)
04: Cübik/Kings County Dub (00:04:52)

Cübik – The Tommy Boy Mixes has been remastered in 2021 by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road studios, overseen by Graham Massey. And is brought to you by the Dream Department (where there is a pattern emerging) at ZTT Records, the Organisation of Pop (curation: Ian Peel, artwork: Philip Marshall). With thanks to Tommy Musto, Frankie Bones, Nick King, and Markus Arnold. It’s the American definition of Zang Tumb Tuumb, number six.

Stream / download


Lets step back to 1989 when 808 State signed to the bespoke ZTT label .Was Zang Tumb Tuum an independent record label ? Well kind of ,sort of , It was actually part of Warner ,so it was a small team of thinkers that sat around a table in West London ,once they pressed go on an idea it would enter the Warners marketing machine (press ,radio ,TV ,distribution)
I think its been documented before but I remember the band all being in the head of Warners penthouse office in London having just put Cübik forward as a single and he described it as a tuned fart ,but to be fair he acquiesced to our hours of dedicated rave work at the time .

In order to launch our records in North America ,ZTT did a licensing deal with New York dance label Tommy Boy .We could not be more pleased ,they also had thinkers around a vibrant office table ,they had troops on the ground ,we trusted and respected their ideas and energy.
It was Tommy Boys idea to pluck Cübik off our UK release The Extended Pleasure of Dance and have it remixed for New York’s newly emerging rave clubs.
Who are they going to call on ? Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones were a great fit ,already established as solid club DJ s they were making tough records that fitted the hedonism of that summer. We would hear their records all the time in Manchester’s clubs ,and I know Martin Price was a fan of the Bones Breaks series with a section fully stocked at his Eastern Bloc record shop.
There are two Musto /Bones remixes here (shout out to Hugo Dwyer who worked on it too) under the moniker of Kings County Perspective & Kings County Dub .Kings County being another name for Brooklyn.
Here is a small You Tube doc on Musto & Bones/Brooklyn clubs in the early 90s.

I think these remastered versions of a U.S. tamed Cübik will work just fine on the club systems of today (Beatport download ,Do It ! ) They were refashioned at Axis Studios New York which was François Kevorkian’s kitchen cooking up records from Dee Lite & Madonna at this time.

Meanwhile in Bury Lancashire we also tried to tame Cübik for the dance floor by providing the “Pan American Excursion” It addresses the beat in a more solid way and is a celebrations of the Sequential Circuits Pro One Synth ,newly acquired from Johnny Roadhouse Music for £40 at the time. If your nerdy enough and would like to study the beats on this release in great depth there is a chapter on it in a book called Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music by Mark J Butler .

Also included on the original Tommy Boy release was the first appearance of “In Yer Face “ in a full 5 minute jam subtitled “Mancunian Delight” also recorded in Square One Studio in Bury in early 1990 ,I think this is the mix were I had nöt finished editing the tape when I went on höliday and it just sent off anyway and so it feels to me like it goes on a bit at the end in a random way.
Cübik The Tommy Boy Remixes did really well as an import back in to the UK and Europe in the summer of 1990 and so Warners had to market the tuned fart to BBC Radio One and TOTP a year later as a UK release called Cübik/Olympic which we also remastered this month.
Talking of mastering ,I have only just mastered the key command for the umlaut !
Thats Cubik with an ü not Cubik with a C but Cubic with a K cos Cubic with a K spells Cübik
I dont know why we bothered ,everyone that came in the shop asked for Egh Egh Egh Egh Eugh !
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Re: ZTT Remastered Singles

Post by markus »

Lift – The Tommy Boy Mixes


With Justin Strauss taking the controls on the remix, The Dream Department at ZTT closes out the 30th anniversary 808 State’s spine-tingling ex:el today with the digital restoration of Lift – The Tommy Boy Mixes.

Three of the tracks on this digital time capsule are appearing online for the first time ever: Justin Strauss’s Remix, Metro Mix, and Lift Up Dub, the latter of which – as Jamie Sefton once wrote in Outside World – “is the most radical departure from the original.” All three remixes, which were only ever released in the US via the Tommy Boy label, feature Eric Kupper on additional keyboards.

What is Lift - The Tommy Boy Remixes exactly? According to Billboard when these mixes were originally released, they’re "Percolating, synth-smart house instrumentals... covered with plush, cinematic strings, and subtle samples and sound effects." (And did you ever spot that comment on The KLF in the original video?). Listen in:

01: Lift/Justin Strauss Remix (00:06:50)
02: Lift/Metro Mix (00:04:48)
03: Lift/Lift Up Dub (00:06:42)
04: Open Your Mind/Sound Garden Mix (00:04:31)
05: Open Your Mind/Open Mix (00:04:53)

Lift – The Tommy Boy Mixes is brought to you by the Zang Tuum Tumb Dream Department: compilation: Ian Peel, artwork: Philip Marshall. It’s the stateside definition of Zang Tumb Tuumb, number nine. Coming next: May is Gorgeous.

Remastered in 2021 by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road studios, overseen by Graham Massey. Thanks to Justin Strauss and Eric Kupper, Nick King, and Markus Arnold.

Stream / download


Lift the Tommy Boy Mixes coincided with 808 State’s first North American tour
The night before we were to fly out Martin Price our oldest group member announced
he would n’t be coming ,which was some what traumatic at the time .
We started on the west coast in September 1991 and finished up in New York in October to
play at The Limelight ,a converted church in downtown Manhattan.
Before the gig we went for dinner with the record company ,which sounds formal but really wasn't
They had invited some of their friends along that included Moby who was on the show with us that night , D’mitry from Delight and Justin Strauss . Justin had done a mix for us earlier in the year on Pacific and then 3 mixes for the current release of Lift .
Whilst meeting for the first time ,one of the things I found we had in common is that being around the age of 30 we had both entered music from the pre/post punk launch pad.
Justin started off as a singer in a glam rock band “Milk & Cookies” then started DJ ing at the famous Mudd Club in NY in the early 80s . nights at the Paradise Garage ,loft parties ,then getting established at the Limelite & the Ritz and many others.

An Interview with Justin Strauss here.

New York & Manchester have always throwing ideas at each other musically on the club scene
I think there is a trans Atlantic cable . Justin’s mixes brought a more stripped down NY sound and he worked with keyboardist Eric Kupper here, Eric plays on so many great club records , part of the Frankie Knuckles team for one thing .Eric had done some mixes for our Tommy Boy OOPS release with Bjork on vocals earlier in the year. Strauss & Kupper also did a couple of Pacific mixes -so this was our Team Tommy Boy at the time . Brought to you largely by Monica Lynch/Tom Richardson -nocturnal types !

Some of Eric's history here .

I think the Limelight gig was a pretty mad night - I can remember some crazy older dude down the front of the audience really going for it ! We were introduced to him upstairs afterward -turned out to be Eumir Deodato -Some of us went to his studio the following day ,we talked of may be a collaboration . Bjork and I use to bang on together about his string arrangements on Milton Nascimento late 60s LPs (nerds!).Once you tune into his credits he is everywhere -Sinatra ,Earth Wind & Fire ,Cool & The Gang and of coarse his funked up “Also Sprach Zarathustra” that I had on 7 inch in 74. We were back at the Limelight a couple of months later to headline a New Years eve show hosted by Leigh Bowery -That was messy !
Next month May will be Gorgeous !
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