Not Just A Bunch Of Knobs! Manchester's House Genitalia
i-D Magazine
Issue 67, "The Secrets Issue"
March 1989
Page: 95

As 'hip house' becomes popular dancefloor currency, hip hop is started to collide with the house groove in Britain's original home of house, Manchester. After releasing 'New Build', an LP of early acid frequency jams last year followed by the rigid techno workout 'Let Yourself Go', Rainy City trio 808 State have produced 'Ancodia', a violent beat throw-down featuring The Spinmasters, probably the hottest hip hop mixing duo in the world (or Ancoats, at least). 'Ancodia' has already got the major labels slavering, and 808 State are consolidating their bid for dancefloor domination by simultaneously issuing a new LP. The 808 State trio - Martin, Graham and the ubiquitous Gerald of A Guy Called Gerald fame - promise that the new album will delve into deep house textures. As if that wasn't enough, they're also producing Mancunian band-turned-acidheads Celibate Genitalia, and recording tracks for local eccentric icon Edward Barton with a seven year old singer. Although considered uncomfortably outspoken by some in Manchester, 808 State are exploring the possibilities of house like few others. "808 State are going deeper," says spokesman Martin. "We can really play instruments and we're getting more musical. We're not just a bunch of knob-twiddlers!"