State Of The Art
Record Mirror
23rd September 1989
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How does a dance anthem become a dance anthem? Nobody really knows. It has to have the right qualities - a simple tune, the latest rhythm, maybe a slow bit at the beginning to get people anticipating the big drum and bass that will set them off. Funnily enough, 'Pacific State' by Manchester's experimental dance/noise' makers 808 Stale has got all those ingredients. It's incredibly simple really, but it's got a tune which stays in your brain. It's what they call hypnotic.

It's from an album called 'Quadrastate' on 808 State's own label Creed. Graham, one quarter of the outfit, along with Martin from the Eastern Bloc record shop and Thunderdome DJs Darren and Andy, is also in experimental guitar outfit Biting Tongues, and he's pretty sure of the quality of 'Pacific State'.

"I suppose it creates an instant mood, it's a mood piece. It's the end anthem on Wednesday and Friday at the Hacienda. The airhorns go off and everyone cheers... It's just right for the scene at the moment."

'Pacific State' is being re-recorded for release as a 12 inch, with a few major labels interested though nothing has been decided yet. In the current climate, with the right company, it could be the next massive underground sound to hit the pop charts.

Chris Mellor