C90 GO! How Was It For You?

22nd-29th December 1990
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IT MEANT I got enough money to become a connoisseur of ganja, rig out me house and sex me girlfriend on a beach, tropical style. The funniest bits were making the video for 'Tunes Splits The Atom' with 808 State, screaming "Sacrifice the baby' and talking to Bernard from New Order and Bez backstage at G-Mex at the Mondays' gig back in March. They were lushed up to the eyeballs and I was dead straight, I couldn't make out a fucking word they were saying.

Me cat had kittens and Kim Wilde asked me to rap on a track for her, did my fucking head in, especially when I heard the track. I got to meet LL Cool J and Sonia, and I've been able to take the piss out of whoever I like in print, I've actually said 'nish', 'dish' and 'bangin" on the telly and have people run up to me in the street and scream it in me face.

I haven't been arrested once this year (erm, wishful thinking there, Tunes– Ed) and the strangest thing of all is that knowing I'm a pop star arid people expecting me to act like one. I think 1990 taught me you can do what you really want to do if you put your mind to it.


I GOT my first opportunity to travel the world and, not wishing to get global village about it, the world seems to be very matey and shrinking. Meeting some of my heroes, and realising they're all headcases too. Playing G-Mex last March at the Happy Mondays party and hearing our music through 1000k PA with sub bass was very moving. Pressing an awful lot of buttons and turning a billion knobs for thousands of hours in a studio, then seeing hundreds of bug-eyed nutters dancing to the results, in clubs on tropical islands was nearly as satisfying as being in bed on a Sunday morning with scrambled eggs and The Waltons (What, all of them?– Ed).