Mixmag Mixmag
Volume 2, Issue 42
January 1995
Page: ??

It's back. Your guide to dance music on the Net. Your captain: Stephen Hebditch

A WORD of warning for any artists thinking of slagging off people on the other side of the world, safe in the knowledge that they won't be able to get back at you. Back in August, 808 State's Darren Partington mouthed off about a rave they'd played in Los Angeles.

"White middle class America was in the place with their whistles," he stormed, "their fucking bobble hats, the whole Manchester look. And. guess what, there wasn't an ounce of atmosphere in the place."

He'd probably forgotten all about it until the band got online and wrote a greeting message in usenet's alt.rave group. The LA ravers were there waiting. "Why do people feel that they have the right to go some place 6,000 miles from where they live, stay long enough to see one event, and then make their pronouncements upon a whole scene that they know nothing about?" complained one.

To his credit, Darren replied with his defence, saying that he didn't mean to attack those true to the scene, but at this particular party there were more than the fair share of false fashion followers. "I hope that you all appreciate that only FALSE people will be upset with my comments because the REAL people, who support and contribute to the scene, understand me."