Downtime With 808 State
Future Music Future Music
Issue 29
March 1995
Page: 9
Future Music

WAHEY! A COMPLETELY new feature this month. Is a musician's life really all about equipment? Do they spend their time just twiddling knobs and making strange noises? Whatever happened to the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll? We investigate with some searching (and not-so-searching) Future Music questions...

How are you all?

Andrew: Lost
Darren: Chunky, hunky and a big ball of burnin' love!
Graham: Interactive mid-life crisis in cyber suburb

What was your greatest high?

Andrew: Mandy (I was forced to put this)
Darren: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Graham: Bungey jump over boiling oil in the Antarctic

Who is your favourite TV cop?

Andrew: Hong Kong Fooey
Darren: Starsky & Hutch
Graham: TJ Hooker

Who would you like to work with?

Andrew: 808 State!
Darren: Michael Bolton on a building site
Graham: ?

Who would you share a frankfurter or Big Mac with?

Andrew: Pamela Anderson
Darren: Elvis
Graham: Linda McCartney

What is your favourite cartoon?

Andrew: Doug
Darren: Inspector Gadget
Graham: Ren & Stimpey

What is the most oppulent thing you've ever done?

Andrew: Paying for a round!
Darren: Putting a free bar on after a gig
Graham: Buying my dad a trawler

What do you think of Future Music?

Andrew: I love it... Good for buying old kit for loads of dosh
Darren: It's glossy, yet smooth with sharp corners
Graham: Geeky-trainspotter, techno bible

What is your dream in life?

Andrew: To die before I go senile
Darren: To wake up and everybody loves me
Graham: Return to innocence

Has being popular music artists improved your sex lives?

Andrew: Yes
Darren: No
Graham: No

If you were a car, what would you be?

Andrew: Scrapped
Darren: Hillman Imp... Or TR-7
Graham: Capri 3-litre S

Are you sick of the Internet yet?

Andrew: Yes... for trying to get on Anna Nicole Smith's WWW page ;-)
Darren: What? It's the CB of the 90s for the lonely people...
Graham: It's good for questionaires... How could I live without it?

Give us a gratuitous plug for whatever project you are working on...

Andrew: Spotting UFOs on the snake pass...
Darren: The State of 808 is ALL there is. Behold a NEW WORLD!
Graham: The best 808 State album In the world... Ever!

What is the future of music?

Andrew: Long, yet short
Darren: Black, yet white
Graham: Strong, yet light

808 State were interviewed over that much-hyped medium, the Internet. They are running a fan base and members get a quarterly magazine, update on 808 releases and collaborations and loads of freebies including the latest CD album, State To State, exclusive to members with 11 unreleased tracks (artwork and packaging by The Designers' Republic). Membership is £13 in the UK, £15 overseas, payable to State To State, as below. The CD contains live performances of Cubik and Repa Repo and three tracks taken from current studio sessions for the next album (namely Yacuza, Diana and Jackson Fraction).

Contact the band at:

STATE TO STATE, PO Box 808, Hook,
Basingstoke RG29 1UF
E-Mail :