Issue 28
April 1995
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Those of you that prefer the diverse sound of dance music, but unique and individual, had better sign up to 808 State's fan club their new album is available free, exclusively to members of the 808 fan base only! The album 'State to State' is a representation and summary of the creative progression that the 6 year career has taken, giving you a flavour of the band's favourite material that will surely appeal to anyone with a taste in contemporary dance music.

The album takes you on a journey through time, seeming to have a direct reflection on life itself, you could almost be listening to the sound track from a horror film. Each track is full of emotion and feeling, proving why 808 State still have the following and respect today that they truly deserve. Quickly you will find yourself totally engrossed, soon eager to play the eleven carefully chosen tracks once again. The first track 'Cubik' was recorded live in Shibuya, Tokyo. It has a very positive underground feel to it, hardcore sounds as they really should be known, so hard at times the electric guitar almost makes you believe you are listening to Heavy Metal. From there on you are taken on a journey through styles that are difficult to define, no real classification for this music leaving it impossible to pigeon hole this unique band. You have the tranquil, almost ambient sound of 'Takuza', giving melodic beats into the faster acid, angelic sound of 'Lemons' (Rhythm Device Mix). When you finally reach track eleven you have experienced a continual chase through a career that must have been a real joy to encounter.

The album has a very organic vibe, even tribal, and you can certainly hear the oriental influence that the band must have picked up in Japan on their tour last year. In fact their release last year, 'Forecast', was only available in Japan, proving what a Hardcore following they have in a country with an extremely strong market for what they are doing. The band have previously worked with Soft Ballet and Something Wonderful (Japanese Techno Outfits) and extensively with Ryuichi Sakamoto of YMO fame, the respected musician that has even appeared on one of Madonna's video's. The band remixed 'Light In Darkness' for YMO which was released in 1993, for the CD 'Reconstruction' which was a 4 track special release that included remixes from 'The Orb', 'The Shamen' and 'Altern 8'.

So, if you fancy something different in your collection, a masterpiece that will never be released again, then your £13 membership fee will be well spent. Added to which you will receive a quarterly magazine written by the band. After listening to this album you will be well aware why the band have started their fan club, not because they wanted to sell out in a commercial market, but ' because they wanted to release the experimental music that they deeply love, music that unfortunately the A & R for major labels find hard to understand.

Subscription £13 in the UK, £15 elsewhere, payable 'State to State' at P 0 Box 808, Hook, RG29 1UF. UK.
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