Issue 14
July 1996
Page: 28

Darren Partington from 808 STATE talks through some of the people they thank on their 'Don Solaris' album


Yes, James Bradfield from Manic Street Preachers. He did the vocals on "Lopez", one of the tracks on the new album. My missus got me into the Manics and, on listening to some of their earlier albums, like "Holy Bible", and The Chemical Brothers' remixes of the band, his voice just struck me as very strong and very powerful. It's a proper rock voice and he's very direct in the way he works. He doesn't waffle on.


A couple of years ago, we did a track with Robert called "Lovejoy And Laughter". No, it was nothing to do with the antiques man! It's not on the album because we had to whittle 50 tracks down to 13, but it will get used eventually. He's one of the originals, isn't he? I don't think we'll ever hear a voice like that again. He's extra special. Anyone who's into dance music knows that. My favourite Robert Owens song ? "I'll Be Your Friend".


Kiss was something we really needed in Manchester. From around 1990, 808 State did a show on Sunset Radio, a community dance station, and that's how 808 State got offered a show on Kiss. The station really comes alive after 8pm, when the specialist shows start. Our show goes out on Fridays, from 8pm until 10pm. We just take the piss, because we're not proper disc jockeys. Are we the Zig & Zag of local radio? I don't know about that, but people have called us the Vic Et Bob of the airwaves.


The clothing company, not the alcohol. I like a good pint of beer, not fancy drinks in fancy bottles. Hooch are based in Manchester and they really understand the way that fabrics work. They're very individual with their style. It transcends that casual look and it shows in their items. We know the designer, John. You've only got to walk around the music end of Manchester and you'll soon start to see John's pieces. Because he's from the city, it's a case of supporting your own.


I've great admiration for Bob, Michael and the Megadog crew. Every time they've come to Manchester, they've smashed it. It's one of the best nights we have up here. They really take care of the punters and the atmosphere is always firing. We did an unadvertised gig with them for free after we'd finished the album. I also like the vinyl they're putting out at the moment.

'Don Solaris' is out now on ZTT