Classic! 808 State - Newbuild
Jockey Slut Jockey Slut
Volume 2, Number 10
October / November 1997
Page: 75
Jockey Slut

"The one thing I remember very clearly about Newbuild," remembers Graham Massey, "was that the whole album was created in the dead of night while Gerald (now 'A Guy Called...') was still working at McDonald's. He'd finish his shift, come down to the studio (Spirit Studios in Manchester), work all through the night, then leave just in time to start his breakfast shift."

Named after fellow founder member Martin Price's apartment block in Bolton ("We thought it sounded terrifically techno at the time!") 'Newbuild', released back in early 1988, remains one of the few perfect LP encapsulations of a long gone, deeply narcotic era where the club vibe was as much about getting lost in the madness of disorientation than being 'loved-up'. 'Flowcoma', the second track, drew its influences from the 303 insanity of Adonis, Bam Bam, and The Gherkin Jerks; artists out there on the perimeter, and the real fucked-up children of the '88 explosion. The album itself was recorded on 1/4" tape stolen from BBC newsroom bins which meant the tapes had already been spliced to an unhealthy state. Now they're all but in tatters. With its sleeve by Factory Records designer Trevor Johnson, based on the famous Kodak camera film box design, 'Newbuild' was released by the then fledgling Eastern Bloc empire.

But can Massey still listen to it?

"Oh yeah, all the time. Only now that the whole acid thing is done do I realise what a odd album it really was."