The Big Bang! - The Acid Explosion
DJ Magazine, Volume 4, Number 42
6 June 2007
Pages 36-41

The Big Bang! - We Have The Technology

808 State, Massonix

"I remember several attempts at electronic music making in the mid-'80s being a bit frustrating and scientific. At some point the Roland 101, 202, 303, 808 and 909 machines became a set of kit that would all connect together happily and became affordable due to all the new midi/digital technology, making analogue a dirty word. "Gerald [Simpson] had most of this gear already and was merrily making his own type of what we called electro back then. We made a raw LP in a weekend called 'Newbuild' and called the trio State 808. Meanwhile one of Gerald's experiments in another studio became huge at the Hacienda - that was 'Voodoo Ray'.

"The next important bits of kit were the Atari 1040 computer, Hybrid Arts sympte track software and a Casio FZ1 sampler. Our early experiments with this equipment resulted in 'Pacific State' and the album 'Quadrastate'. The sampler opened up a huge sound world to us and would be the key instrument in terms of giving a track an identity. For instance, the chords on 'Pacific State' were created by sampling a chord from a Juno 106 keyboard layered with a d50 string sound with a bit of filtering in the Casio FZ1 sampler. The bird sound on that record was an Akai sample demonstration disc of the Canadian Loon. "'Cubik' was again a multi sample stacked up with sounds from a Waldorf microwave and a Chase Bit 99 digital keyboard played by a Casio Midi guitar, which we had just got that day."


The Big Bang! - The Classic Tunes

808 State
ZTT Records 1989

Taken from 1989's 'Quadrastate', 808 State's 'Pacific' won club floors over with its lush tropical rainforest samples, extravagant chords and killer sax.