Old-Skool Heroes: 808 State
Mixmag Mixmag
Issue 208
August 2008
Page: ??
808 STATE SKETCHED the blueprint for British techno as we know it. Forming in 1988 as a trio, Graham Massey, Martin Price and Gerald Simpson released the UK's first acid house album, 'Newbuild', in that year. Simpson left to go solo as A Guy Called Gerald, and Mancunian DJs The Spinmasters were brought in to replace him. 808 State pioneered live techno years before Orbital and the Chems, and their '91 album 'Ex-el' pioneered the pop/techno collaboration featuring contributions from Björk and Bernard Sumner. Oddly, it was Radio 1's Gary Davies who exposed the act to a wider audience by playlisting 'Pacific State', their number 10 hit from 1989. A more obvious fan is Aphex Twin who has recently re-released 'Newbuild' and 'Quadrastate' through his Rephlex label. 808 State are still a going concern, and they play live at Bestival this year. In yer face!