not 808 State

Mixes not related to Graham Massey or 808 State

Sometimes other artists call their remixes 808 mix or even 808 State mix. Here's a list to help identify which mixes you don't have to buy when trying to complete your collection. The following don't have anything to do with 808 State (to the best of our knowledge):

Beborn Beton: Too Emotional (808 State Boom Mix) on bonus CD of the ltd edition 'Fake' album.

Cabaret Voltaire: I Want You (808 Heaven Mix) on 'I Want You / Kino' EP. Mix by Altern 8 for 808 Acid Revival Productions.

Johnny Dangerously: Black And Blue / This Town and Mary 7" (Sound Engineered by Graham Massey). This is not 808 State's Graham Massey!

Howard Jones: Everlasting Love (808 mix) on 12" and CD5.

The KLF: Last Train To Trancentral (808bass version) on Last Train To Trancentral EP.

Donna Lewis: Blue Planet CD (1996). Produced by another Graham Massey. Apparently.

Madonna: Vogue (DJ Logik's 808 State Mix) on bootleg.

Splash: I Need Rhythm (808 Cut). 12" 1990.