808 State discographies index

808 State visual discography. Updated frequently. Includes all 808 State & MC Tunes albums and singles.

808 State production / remix work. Updated frequently. Includes detailed visual discogs of:

  • 808 State Production and Remixes
  • Graham Massey Production and Remixes
  • Andy Barker Production and Remixes
  • Darren Partington Production and Remixes
  • Compilations with exclusive tracks
  • Massonix (Graham Massey)
  • Switzerland (Martin Price)

808 State text discography. Last updated 23 Feb 2000.No longer updated.

Not 808 State. A list of tracks not 808 State related.

Biting Tongues text discography. Last updated 26 October 1998. No longer updated.

Also check news pages of some older releases:

External links:

A Guy Called Gerald (Gerald Simpson). Nick King's Gerald discography. Check out Gerald's early work, some of which was done while he was still in 808 State.

Lazlo Nibble's ZTT Discography. Last updated 11 July 1999. A special shout out to Laz the discography King for starting it all. No longer updated.

ZTT discography by Joerg Fitzner. Check Diversion (list of all 808 State mixes on ZTT)!