Graham Massey &
Crispy Ambulance
Scissorgun album, released 8 April 2002:
scissorgun sleeve

Crispy Ambulance:

CD: 2002 US/UK (Darla Records / LTM Publishing; DRL-126 / LTMCD 2329)

Remarks: Produced by Graham Massey.


Accessory after the fact, live album, released April 2000:

Accessory after the fact

Crispy Ambulance:
Accessory after the fact.

CD: 2000 UK (LTM Publishing; LTMCD 2317)

Remarks: Produced by Graham Massey. Recorded live in Manchester on 5 November 1999.

accessory back

From the cradle to the grave, 1980 single, sleeve artwork by Graham Massey:

cradle front

cradle back

For more information on Crispy Ambulance, also see the excellent Factory site by Frank Brinkhuis and the official Crispy Ambulance site.