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Update August 2002: Major US dance label Moonshine signed Addictive TV at the end of 2001 in an output deal to release audiovisual DVD albums in the States and Canada. Transambient 1 DVD was released in February 2002. Transambient DVD 2 (no 808state on this one) in May 2002.

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Updated April 2000, summary: Transambient is getting a VHS video and slightly different DVD audio-visual release. Both formats will span over two releases. In both cases 808 State will feature on the first release and contain the full 12 minute Macrobiotic film. The first of the two PAL VHS tapes is released on 17 April 2000. The first of two audio-visual DVD albums, containing extra tracks, is then released in July 2000. Details. History.



Originally screened on the UK's Channel 4, the Transambient project is a highly original mix of music and images designed to take you on a journey through the landscape of your own imagination. Fusing specially mixed beats with film-making and club visuals, this innovative audio-visual DVD album and video contains eight 12 minute AV tracks from the project.

The visuals - by artists including Visual Cortex (Graham Daniels & Nick Clarke), Glimpse (Justin Eade) and digital animators Christos Magganas and Nigel Maudsley - present a startling new take on the world, looking at it's patterns, rhythms and abstract beauty.

The tunes themselves are genre-crossing; blending styles ranging from drum ‘n’ bass, to trance and ambient grooves. Contributions from 808 State, Geraint Hughes, Fructose and DJ Mark Summers (Souvlaki) make this the ultimate chillout video and DVD album.

Heat magazine called it 'the best use of that screen in the corner of your sitting room.' Club.Beat Online said 'Transambient is the last word in "what the.....oooooh! programming..." - impressionist art without the bollocks for the 21st Century.' Ministry magazine said 'it’s with joy that we say welcome to Transambient.’ and The Big Issue described it as 'the audio-visual equivalent of Vodka and Redbull on the rocks... this combination of visuals and music is proper 21st century entertainment.'

The full 12 minute version of Macrobiotic, the AV track by Visual Cortex and 808 State, features on both the video and DVD album of Transambient. The tune also features on the double CD soundtrack of Transambient, available on Truelove Records.


History: The TV episode featuring music by 808 State was transmitted on Saturday August 21st 1999. Film title: Macrobiotic (by Visual Cortex) featuring 808 State's track Flutronic. The track was also released on the soundtrack of the show, available from Truelove Records from 2 August 1999.

Transambient images