Cinema Soloriens - Cult Of St. Margaret

Cinema Soloriens - Cult Of St. Margaret

Cinema Soloriens - Cult Of St. Margaret

UK 2015 Digital; Soloriens Media: B00YIWL70S (ASIN)

05:13 Cult of Saint Margaret
07:30 Dappled Nebula
09:08 Quarter Moon Low Rover
12:19 Moody Kapellmeister
12:44 Venusian Akido
08:31 Circle, Not Square


26th May 2015.


SOLORIENS MEDIA is proud to present the latest offering from CINEMA SOLORIENS, Cult of Saint Margaret, recorded in Manchester, reveals the core trio of James Harrar, tenor sax, Akai EVI, electric bulbul tarang, electronics & percussion, Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), alto sax, Crumar EVI, Casiotone & effects and Rogier Smal, drums & percussion, also adding Graham Massey (808 State), guitar & modified bass clarinet, Paddy Steer, bass & electronics, David Birchall, percussion and Richard Harrison (Spaceheads), percussion.

Album cover art by Jeff Eisenberg, Minutemen (detail), 2009, mixed media on Mylar

Recorded by Will Tomlinson/Lab-Work Recordings

Produced and Engineered by James Harrar

All compositions published by CD Baby Publishing,

James Harrar/Soloriens Media (BMI)


Improvisation, beautiful, freedom music for the body & soul. Disciplined & highly structured. Personal, challenging, psychedelic, avant-garde. Progressive noise. Chamber music from a lost civilization on another planet. Sincere vibrations of the day.