Fritz Von Runte - Musique Magique (Graham Massey Mix)

Fritz Von Runte - The Last Album

Fritz Von Runte - Musique Magique (Graham Massey Mix)

Fritz Von Runte - The Last Album

UK 2020 CD; Marshall Records: TBD


05:35 Fritz Von Runte - Musique Magique (Graham Massey Mix)


6th November 2020.


Written by Fritz Von Runte.
Remixed by Graham Massey.

Press Release:

Fritz von Runte breaks 11-year silence with a new album of original music

The Last Album is Fritz von Runte’s first record of original music in 11 years. It features 10 amazing fresh new tunes that don’t sound like anything else being done these days. Expect heavy synths, off-tempo beats, acoustic bass, electronic brass and found sounds.

Fritz von Runte is a British DJ and record producer that has been quietly making waves and working independently since the late 1990s. His guerrilla remixes of The Beatles, Lily Allen and Beastie Boys took over the internet in the 2000s.

Then came Bowie2001, a project where Fritz remixed the back catalogue of David Bowie, re-edited Kubrick’s 2001 and mashed it all together. In the 2010s his remixes were commissioned by 808 State, Pet Shop Boys and Peter Hook’s supergroup Freebass.

Recently von Runte remixed New Order’s Music Complete entire album, releasing it as Music Remixed, and produced a concept album in Japan as Bearnoises. He’s known for his remixes and mixtapes, but Fritz has been producing music for films, theater, art installations and other acts for over 25 years.

“2020 is strange enough and it seemed appropriate to do something different” - says Fritz von Runte.

The Last Album will be released digitally and as a Limited Edition CD for the japanese market. The CD will feature an exclusive remix by dub house legends The Moody Boyz, an exciting collaboration with Gary Asquith from Renegade Soundwave. plus an extra track not available anywhere else.

Fritz von Runte’s The Last Album is out October 2020 and it can be pre-ordered now at