Homelife - Home Broadcaster

Homelife - Home Broadcaster

Homelife - Broadcaster

Homelife - Broadcaster

UK 2005 MP3; Ninja Tunes: ZENDL 93X [Released 27th April 2005]

03:42 Arsonite
03:48 Five Flat Four
01:46 Hair Cut
04:16 Blob


27th April 2005 via the Ninja Tune website (unfortunately, no longer there).


Graham Massey plays instruments.

Press Release:

Homelife 'Home Broadcaster' download only ep
**the first of the Ninja Tune digital singles**

Ninja Tune and Manchester's Homelife have combined to bring you the ultimate in domestic music listening. Because Homelife's "Home Broadcaster" EP is only available as a download direct to your PC. Not your work PC, mind (though it will, so to speak, work). No no. Your home PC. Keep your pyjamas on. Make a cup of tea. Dance around the kitchen. Do some mushrooms. Do the hoovering. Examine your carpet for hallucination-inducing patterning.

Four tracks deep, "Home Broadcaster" runs from the epic "Arsonite" which effortlessly combines Bitches Brew, Bollywood and brown bread, through the perfect, sunny psych-pop of "Five Flat Four" (with the greatest xylophone break since the invention of the synth), the folksy whimsy of "Hair Cut" to the electro-rock of "Blob". Two instrumental tracks on the outside with two vocal tracks in the middle, the "Home Broadcaster" EP is like a well built house, so fully equipped that you'll never want to leave.

Released 27th April via the Ninja Tune website...