Seaming - Mummy (Masseymix)

Seaming - The Remix Album

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Seaming - The Remix Album

Seaming - The Remix Album

UK 2013 Digital; <No label>: <No Cat>

06:53 Mummy (Masseymix)


Via Bandcamp: 15th March 2013.


Remixed by Graham Massey.


"I'm Graham Massey, I've been a musician/producer based in Manchester since 1977 Probably best known for my band 808 State who took techno into the charts back in the late 80s . I first met Seaming whilst playing in Paddy Steer's HOMELIFE project in Manchester. We had a great little musical family going on. A blend of ages and different backgrounds but all music obsessed. We would also perform as TOOLSHED at our monthly experimental club night. Both projects swelled into big bands of 14 or more interchangeable musicians. Other projects and recordings followed. I think we all inspired each other to be less genre specific and more adventurous."