Together "Hardcore Uproar" on 808 Sunset DJ Show

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Together "Hardcore Uproar" on 808 Sunset DJ Show

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Taken from

"I was hoping I still had this tape... and to be honest I'm amazed I found it. I knew I hadn't thrown it out but after much digging around in dusty tape boxes I've MP3'd the whole interview. Please excuse the gritty sound quality. The tape is almost 14 YEARS OLD !

This is hard to believe but we literally walked into the offices of Sunset Radio where Darren and Andy of 808 State had their radio show and asked them to play our new track. Not only did they agree but they asked if we would like to be interviewed... the rest... is a bit hazy :) It still makes me laugh how Jon managed to talk about my tonsil acrobats (to anyone!) minutes after meeting them. I barely spoke a word in the interview because I was so nervous..."

The interview can be downloaded from the Together website - enjoy!

BTW, Together were Suddi Raval & Jonathon Donaghy, who also remixed Durutti Column's "Contra Indications" which was released as "The Together Mix". Tragically, Jonathon died in a car crash in 1991 - there was a memorial event for Jonathon and his girlfriend, Emma, at the Hacienda on 25th September 1991 called "Harmony".


Nick ;)

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More please...!

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