What country is the best to live in?

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What country is the best to live in?

Post by David »

This site has many wonderful posters who have travelled alot or who live in different locations.
So where in your opinion is the best place to live ?
Taking in factors such as education,scenery,politics,people,social life,climate,welfare systems :wink: health system ,taxes etc ?

I've been to most of Europe,Canada and now the U.S.

The U.S does not rate very highly I am afraid for many reasons-too many to list here.
SanFran was disappointing,Hawaii too expensive,New York hectic and too expensive.
LA - polluted toilet.
Plus the U.S. I don't rate for its social and political factors which alot of Americans are now becoming very concerned about.

For me Amsterdam and Holland I rate for its politics,environmental issues ,liberalism,culture,music,easy to get around etc
The Dutch seem to have an healthy appreciation of life.
I like Manchester and Liverpool for its people,politics and cultures but I wouldn't want to live there.
Canada scores quite high but you need a car and the climate can be freezing.
Germany I rate highly (31 days vacation a year!),wonderful scenary and a very high standard of living.
The Germans get everything right and if they don't then they are working on it.Workers have the best protection in Germany. Sweeden is similar and its blonde women I rate highly..Sweeden,Germany,Switzerland and Holland are my top 4 so far for many reasons.

I still haven't been to Australia,NZ etc

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Post by Dr.Walsh »

Apparently Melbourne in Australia was voted the most liveable city in the world last year.

Anywhere in the world can be tops if you've got the right vibe though, isn't it?

Peace and positive vibes,

'Dr.' Walsh :wink:

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