808state DJs @ ALL FM 96.9 Manchester, 27 December 2002
The 808state DJs at ALL FM 96.9 Manchester, 27 December 2002
“Liquid” on ALL FM 96.9 Manchester every Friday 8-10pm.
Steve Lee, Les Croasdaile, Darren Partington (808state), Andy Barker (808state), Barkery Jammeh Andy Barker (808state) in the mix

808 State 1 hour mix, playlist

Darren Partington:

  • "The house that Jack built" White.
  • "Stabilizer" Boom Box records.
  • "Multibass" Cedric Beniot.
  • "Vanno" Backroom Records.
  • "Raw as F**k" Against the grain.
  • "Bill Vega & New Decade" Wireframe recordings.
  • "The clinic" Can you Tribe Ltd recordings.
  • Chuck Coogan "Voodoo" Inferno records.
  • David James (Always) A perm state. Hooj.

Andy Barker takes over the decks:

  • Dnote "Shed my skin".
  • Rob Dougan "Clubbed to death".
  • Henrik B Presents "Hardwired".
  • Ever so Lonely (Dub trance mix).
  • Andy Manston "Soul Killer" .
  • Santos "321 fire".