808state live at GPercussion, Castlefield, Manchester 3 August 2002

808state live at Castlefield, Manchester 3 August 2002
808 State's live gig @ GPercussion, Castlefield, Manchester, 2002

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Report (by markus):

After a short intro by old-skool 808 MC 'Fonzo', lights, smoke machines and lasers started up and 808 kicked off with 'Doctors and Nurses'. It's a track with distinctive flutey sounds in the beginning that brews up a storm of percussion and bass. Doctors will be available on the Japanese version of the upcoming album 'Outpost Transmission'. 808 State were joined tonight by Paddy Steer on bass and James Ford on drums. Both had played in Paddy's band 'Homelife' together with Graham earlier during the day.

Time for a brief visit to the past and the crowd went mad for the first time with the new live version of Cobra Bora. Next one up was the first real new track: 'Lemonsoul' with Guy Garvey of Elbow taking the stage. This was probably the most 'difficult' track to perform, as it's a ballad type song, in the vein of 'Lopez'. Guy's voice got drowned by the noise of the crowd at times, there were audibly quite a few Elbow fans present. Not much times for ballads though, it was time of another updated classic with 'In Yer Face'.

Wheatstraw provided another listen to a new track, some wacky sounds in this one, as Graham strung on his double-bass guitar. Pacific (updated) was introduced by Darren as "this one was born and bread in Manchester - if you don't know it, as your mum and dad". Graham's hands rose to the sky for this one and the crowd went wild.

The next tasters of the upcoming album followed in the form of the funky 'Boogieman' and the electro-ish '606', with the strong vocals by Simon Lord of Simian. Shame his mic channel wasn't opened properly until halfway through the track, nonetheless this is definitely going to be a favourite and Darren's exit comment "possibly the best track of the new album" did it justice. 606 will probably get remixed for radio stations (promo-only).

After firm live favourite 'Long Orange' it was time for 'Quincy' which was received very well indeed.
Quincy is the other track that will only feature on the Japanese version of 'Outpost Transmission'.

At this point law enforcement was beginning to get nervous and wanted to call it a day. However, too late, "this one, this one, this one - is CUBIK!" Nobody could stand still anymore.

Memories of the luke crowd responses at the past two Scottish gigs were washed away by a sea of 8000 pairs of hands in the air. Fantastic.


  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Cobra Bora
  • Lemonsoul (featuring vocals by Guy Garvey)
  • In Yer Face
  • Wheatstraw
  • Pacific
  • Boogieman
  • 606 (featuring vocals by Simon Lord)
  • Long Orange
  • Quincy
  • Cubik
  • Andrew Barker (keys, programming)
  • Darren Partington (percussion, turntables, mic)
  • Graham Massey (keys, guitar, clarinet)
  • Paddy Steer (bass)
  • James Ford (drums)
Images by markus (click to enlarge):
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