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Record Mirror
8th December 1990
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MC TUNES raps about life as Moss Side's premier mic controller. 


"I am very, very cheeky, but most people take my directness and towardness as being cheeky. Compared to laid-back guys, I'm kinda, like, ra ra ra ra ra! It's a combination of aggressive personality, directness and not being afraid to say what comes in my head. I talk out loud, take no shit and am a real cheeky bastard!"


"They're great: we've been close friends for many years and we've helped each other. Martin has shown me how to stand up for myself. Darren has always reminded me of who I am, which is just a rough-neck boy from Moss Side and I'll never be more than that. Andy is usually in the giggling at me and Chrissy has to be the strangest lad I've ever met. With 'Cubik' doing real well and 'Primary Rhyming' hopefully getting into the charts, they're like a dog with two dicks."


"Yeah, fuckin' too right. Moss Side is me home and I am Moss Side, and I feel more relaxed there than any other place in England. But if I was to leave, I'd be fuckin' leaving the country and leaving the shit and getting off. I'd do what Brando did - just collect all me money and go."


"If that's the kinda rap music that can get to Number One then I'm glad he's doing it 'cause I would never do that shit. He's just another Betty Boo and Rebel MC, they are pop stars while I am a rapper. He's saying nothing to nobody. "Engaging Vanilla with the knife" fuck off, we've 'eard it all before."


America can take me or leave me, and if my records don't sell there then I don't give a fuck. All I know is that I'm as good or bad as any American rapper and if any motherfucker wants to step to me mic to mic., face to face, fist to fist, I will prove myself 'cause I'm not afraid of nobody."


"I can afford things now: I ain't living on baked bean toasties in a run-down flat in Hulme. My dog's got food in his belly: I've got food in my belly: me cats well looked after and so is me fish and me mates."

Peter Stanton