Record Collector, Issue 187
March 1995
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808 State's eighth album, "State To State", has been recorded and released exclusively for members of their fan club. It's a project that's been conceived and prepared over a two-year period - thus outflanking U2's recent "Melon" release.

The band wanted to shout a big "respect!" to their fans and the members of the dance fraternity who've supported them and the scene since 1988. So this album is to be given away free to anyone who joins their fan base, and tracks for next year's second "State To State" volume are already being written!

The three members of the group, Darren Partington, Andy Barker and Graham Massey (who has continued his on-going collaboration with Björk on her recent "Vessel" video), decided to release the album on CD only, to support the many people who have complained to them about the over-pricing of compact discs.

But it's the rare and unreleased material on "State To State" that will attract collectors. As Graham Massey told RC, "We record about 50 tracks for every album we release, which obviously can't all be used. So 'State To State' gives us the chance to put out some of the more off-the-wall and wacky versions of tracks that we have recorded." On joining the fan club, members will also receive a quarterly magazine - written by the band - with news on all their projects and merchandise.

The album begins with a unique DJ mix of "106" (its first appearance on CD) from their sought-after pre-ZTT "Quadrastate" album blended into the "State To State" theme. This gives way to a live version of 808's Top 10 hit "Cubik" from the "Ex:el" album which is the first live track they have ever released. Next up is "Yakuza" which, along with "Diana" and "Jackson Fraction", was recorded especially for the album. Also included are neverbefore-heard remixes such as the "Rhythm Device Mix" of "Lemon" from their Japan-only "Forecast" CD, "20:20" (the "Sax Mix" of "Stormin Norman" from "Gorgeous"), "Reaper Repo" live at Wembley, and "Control", an early mix of the Joy Division-sampling "Contrique". Add to that the band's three favourite unreleased tracks from their vaults and you have quite a CD.

The packaging for the "State To State" CD was specially commissioned by the band from Designers Republic, who are best known for their sleeve art for Warp Records (Aphex Twin, Back Dog, etc.), and Pop Will Eat Itself. The CD sleeve looks like a cross between the break-in packaging of Madonna's "Sex" and a computer floppy disk. As this is a mail-order-only release, the design even incorporates space for the fan's address and postage stamps!

The trio launched the concept live on MTV's 'The Party Zone' last summer, the first time the show had ever been co-hosted. Since then they have released their "Bombadin" single, which was premiered at a New York fashion show featuring Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. They returned the favour to Naomi by recording an awesome new remix of her "I Want To Live" track. In fact the band have been continuing their successful remixing career lately, something that began with collaborations with David Bowie, Electronic, Yes and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Recently they have completed remixes of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" and "One To One Religion" - Bomb The Bass's next single. And fans are still snapping up the 10'' promo on red (and extremely rare blue) vinyl of an unreleased mix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Two Tribes"!

To receive your CD and join the fan club, annual membership is £13 in the UK, £15 overseas (payable to State To State).

Write to 808 State, PO Box 808, Hook, Basingstoke, Hants RG25 1UF.