Rip & Burn
April 2005
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59. 808 State Pacific State 1990

The story 808 State's Graham Massey was recording with another project, Biting Tongues, in November 1988, when he found a soprano saxophone they'd left in the studio. He tried it out with Martin Price on a new 808 State track and Pacific State was born.
The vibe Beautifully pulsating ambient house, laced with jazzy saxophone. A soundtrack to the sun - or you - coming up.
The Madchester moment The classic sax hook comes in (0:44).
Since you ask... 808 State were originally called Hit Squad Manchester. (SH)

Album Ninety

60. 808 State vs. MC Tunes The Only Rhyme That Bites 1990

The story: Take one crew of bona fide acid-house pioneers and hand the mic to an irrepressible thousand word-a-minute rapper.
The vibe: Mental. Careering techno, rubbishy samples and Tunes larging it about 'human funkbox warheads' and Star Trek.
The Madchester moment: The Star Wars Theme bangs in (1:02).
Since you ask... Tunes was the undisputed star of James Brown and Stuart Maconie's Madchester TV doc. His entire gibbering vocabulary comprised of three words: 'nish', 'nesh' and 'bangin' (DH)

Album 808:88:98