Andy Barker (808 State) Interview Of The Month
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30 June 2016

Just when the version of 'Pacific State' that kicked off ‘Quadrastate’ was completed in 1988, keyboardist Andrew Barker had already joined and the band had eventualy had its official image, and sessions for the second album, ’90’ , were taking place at Square One Studios in Bury. They claim that the reason for their success was the fact that they started in the middle of a scene, <<the big bang of acid house, where there were no rules, no guidelines. AIl we were doing was spend studio time , handing in singles weekly to our record company>>.

The energy and the enthusiasm at that point was special, and it shows. But by 1992 saw the scene become sterile and thanks to a huge eye-opening US tour with New Order, 808 State saw that new possibilities lay far outside the fickle attentions of the UK.

In a conversation Andy explained ”we saw the way dance music was going, and we just f***ed off round the world’’

808 State were already lugging heavy machinery on stage and putting on a proper live techno show
Andy Barker through out his career has been a member of various projects such as : 808 State, Atlas (7), Benaco, Hit Squad MCR

he has done alot of remixes on other releases and some of the are :
_Falling (Andy Barker Mix)- Semtex (3) - Falling / Mucho Vinyl
_Pineapple Rülisch (Andy Barker's No Frills Mix) Nicely - My Wife Rants On EP ‎- Your Mum, Your Mum
_Twist (Of Love) Soft Ballet - Twist And Turn 2 versions - Alfa
_Pineapple Rülisch (Andy Barker's No Frills Mix) Various - Hypnotrance 4 - The Intergalactic Trance Collection Arcade, ID&T
_Twist Of Love (The Andrew Barker Remix) Soft Ballet - Index - Soft Ballet 89/95 ‎
Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.
_5 Minutes In Paradise (Andy (808 State) Barker Remix) (as Andy (808 State) Barker)

When working on a remix or on an album with 808 State, he aims to bridge that gap between the underground and the mainstream, appealing to a wide range of people. He truly is a creative mind a combination of radical, anarchistic and rational.

Let’s read some words by him though in a talk we’ve had.

1. What plays in your car ?

I think that music has an effect on the way a person drives,
So I play a lot of mellow music to stop me from getting speeding tickets. In the car at the moment Jack Garratt /Ben Howard / london Grammer / Elbow

2. How did it all start for you?

I started Dj'ing when I was 14 in my Bedroom, I Used to be into hiphop and breakdancing. So we setup in a local youth club where I was a DJ and all the local teenagers were breakers. At 16 I started buy equipment a Little keyboard, drum machine and a sequencer trying to recreate the music I was listening to at the time. Then I started to hear this new music that was call house,that was it for me, I had to start making that stuff.

Eventually meeting up with the other members of 808 who all had bits of equipment we could connect together. That's when 808 State was born.

3. What is one subgenre you think doesn't get the attention it deserves?

I personally think that if you listen to dance music most of the time you'll like many sub-genres of House music

4. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Model 500 - NO UFO'S

5. As both a Dj/Producer , which side are you on : entertainment or educational ?

When out Dj'ing you have to Entertain, you have to look at what the dance floor is doing and what people have reacted to, when we Dj we have no idea what we're going to play, until we get in the place and soak up the the atmosphere.

6. Do you walk around humming melodies?

I do try to go for a 1 Hour walk every day but that's to switch off ;)

[Words: Report2Dancefloor]